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Malibu’s Wakesetter 24 MXZ sits at the head of the wide-bow line and comes complete with just about every luxury feature available on the market today, as well as seating for 18 people. The 24 MXZ is great for social crews who still have an eye toward a big surf and wakeboard wake in a tech-forward package.

The 24 MXZ is one of the largest inboard boats on the water. It’s deep, spacious, and has storage suitable for an entire day on the water. There are cup holders peppered throughout, along with speakers and lights, and plenty of beam so that people don’t feel cramped. The dash — in its sophomore year — is critical on a big, feature-laden boat like this because the captain can still control the entire thing from the helm. The 12-inch touchscreen has everything you’re going to use on a daily basis, and the smaller auxiliary screen has secondary functions for the more discerning captain. There’s also an analog rotary dial option that lets you nudge functions up or down without going into the touchscreen. The 24 MXZ’s wake gets shaped with the Power Wedge, which is operated from the dash or by the surfer with the new Surf Band. Surf Gate is a must on this huge boat because it takes quite a bit to move weight from side to side.