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The Wakesetter 22 VLX is a quintessential Malibu wakeboat. From the hull shape to the interior layout, it pays tribute to the classic design that makes a Malibu a Malibu.

At the helm, the technology and amenities are all what you would expect from a high-end Malibu: a 12-inch center touchscreen to control your major tasks, a smaller touchscreen on the right side for deeper functionality, and the control dial on the left to easily manage the settings you use the most.

At slower speeds, with or without weight, this boat can shape up wakes suited for beginners up to expert riders, and it rarely curls. Surf Gate provides an epic surf wave on either side of the boat, and it does so really well behind this hull.

The VLX is one of our favorite options for someone who’s interested in a hull that will shape up clean wakes for a wide variety of riders. It has classic styling and innovative technology, and at 22 feet, it’s right in the sweet spot in terms of size for a wakeboat..